Sweet Maria's Ethiopiques Blend

Sweet Maria's Ethiopiques Blend

Farm Description

Currently a 3-coffee blend, both Western Ethiopia and Southern Yirga Cheffe coffees are in the 89 - 92 point range, and have proven versatile in both brewing and espresso extraction on their own. Ethiopiques was our our 17th Espresso Workshop blend from a few seasons back, and with its popularity, we've decided to make it one of our regular blends. This a a vividly bright espresso blend, complex, high-toned, amazing ... but perhaps not for everyone (especially those who only make milk drinks). The espresso editions are limited, lot-specific blends inspired by the ingredients, rather than imposing a fixed idea on the result, then looking at the coffees to achieve it. This is a blend of wet-process coffees from the South, from Sidama and Yirga Cheffe specifically, as well as a Western coffee, interjecting from fruit-forwardness in the cup - all scored 90+ points on the cupping table. These are nuanced coffees, and while they are moderately bright, the resulting espresso isn't too puckering when taken to Full City, or stretched out in the roaster post 1st crack. In fact there is very intense chocolate roast taste formed by this specific coffee blend, and that is one of the dominant characteristics of the cup - as well as intense florals topped with brightness. What does Teddy Afro, famed and shamed Ethiopia music star have to do with this blend? Not much, but he does have an amazing voice. Millenium song! And you really should check out the Ethiopiques compilation records to appreciate the rich jazz and pop music traditions of that great land.

This coffee is part of our Farm Gate pricing program.

Cupping Notes

By standard cupping methods for brewed coffees, the profile is much "bigger" than previous years, and extracting this blend in an espresso machine produces something very intense, sweet, and complex. The dry fragrance of City roasts have citrus and stone fruit suggestions, which are still prevalent in darker roasts, along with an overlay of chocolate notes. The wet aroma is downright mouthwatering. Fruited notes are like canned peaches and apricot pie filling baked with brown sugar, spiced cake, and floral hints - our FC smelled like fruit-infused dark chocolate bar. As a brewed coffee, this is a really amazing blend. So versatile, showing great from City to Full City, lightest roasts being very fruit-forward and clean - nectarine, mango, fragrant berry. It shows surprising level of body at these light roast levels too, carrying with it a syrupy-thick sweetness. Full City roasts develop rich chocolate flavors, with a nice slab of blackberry syrup. Ethiopiques makes for an intense ride through the espresso machine. The chocolate roast taste is pungent, aggressive, bittersweet, and long-lasting on the palate. But it is also very clean, succinct, not earthy or rustic. On top of this are coherent floral notes, lemon oil and rind, raisiny dried fruits and red berries. Body is bolstered by the intense cup flavors, and has the effect of satiny chocolate. It's fantastic! My preference is about 2 oz in 24 seconds, brew head temp right around 205 degrees. We are finding this also makes amazing Americano (espresso + water), which is no surprise. This can also be used as the "bright" component in a blend that tones it down a bit. For example 2/3 Brazil or El Salvador with 1/3 Ethiopiques.



Lot Size


Roast Recommendations

For brewed coffee, this blend works well from City to Full City, and the latter makes for amazing espresso. FC+ tones down fruits and acidity, and builds chocolate roast tones, remaining quite sweet


Wet Process


Heirloom Varietals    

Grade & Appearance

Grade 1; .4 d/300gr, 15 -18 screen; there are some tiny beans in there!


Shipped to us in GrainPro
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Available in 50 pound GrainPro packages for $245.00 ($4.90/pound) and in 100 pound GrainPro packages for $475.00 ($4.75/pound). Note that 100 pound bags must ship freight. Also available as a 300g sample.
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#1 Hi

when will this blend be available again?

#2 Hey David, there is a chance

Hey David, there is a chance that we may revisit this blend in the future, but it should be noted that the majority of the blends that we offer are not repeating blends and are the result of particular coffees that we thought would go well together. Keep your eye out though for more Ethiopia focused blends in the future.

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Sweet Maria's Ethiopiques Blend

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