Guatemala Acatenango Gesha Lot 2

Guatemala Acatenango Gesha Lot 2

Farm Description

The farm we work with in Acatenango planted thousands of new gesha trees a few years back, and this is the first year many of those trees are yielding fruit. As a result, there's a lot more of this delicious Gesha that we've come to love so much, and we were able to secure multiple lots. We buy this Gesha annually, and are the sole customer, and once again we're absolutely thrilled with the landed coffee. Floral scents, tropical fruit, intense sweetness: this cup is Gesha all the way. If you don't know the story of the Gesha cultivar, it is an old coffee type from Ethiopia that was brought to an experimental coffee garden in Costa Rica years ago as a specimen sample. It was distributed to a few farms for testing on small plots, but not much was thought of it until one of these, Esmeralda in Panama, separated it from the other cultivars and entered it in the national competition. It was so outrageously different, with fruited and floral character like a Yirga Cheffe coffee from half a world away. Now that the word is out, other small farms that received some of the seed have tried to separate their Gesha coffee as well, as is the case here. The results are always a bit different: the cultivar "expresses" itself differently in terms of cup flavors at each location, influenced by weather, soil, altitude and the like. And with this coffee from the region of Acatenango, we have a Gesha cup that expresses much of that floral intensity that's become synonymous with the "Gesha" name. Harvest was quite productive this year as the owner of the farm has dedicated more of his farm to this varietal, which after putting it to the cup test we've decided is a very good thing.

This coffee is part of our Farm Gate pricing program.

Cupping Notes

This Gesha lot has such a floral sweetness to it throughout - perfume-like, sweet, complex, and 'fresh'. The florals are apparent in the aromatics, and when brewed, at their peak in City-City+ roasts and once the cup temp has cooled a bit - good things come to those who wait! The dry fragrance shows a floral jasmine smell, along with strong wafts of raw sugars, like turbinado and muscovado (unrefined sugars with molasses still intact). The wet aromatics are where these smells reach their apex, a heightened floral smell is backed by a toasted sugar ala creme brûlée scent, a subtle rose water note released on the break. When hot, the cup shows refined sweetness, floral tea-like notes, and a subdued lime flavor on the fringes. You get a sense of the fruited acidity, a sweet lemon to lime citric sensation that does much to tie base flavors and top notes together. As the coffee cools, the profile opens wide. The first flavor that came to mind was pink bubblegum, which I think is a combination of strawberry and banana, but all I can think about are Bazooka Joe! Fruit flavors like peach preserves, sweet grapefruit, and lemon lime soda come to mind, as the pearl jasmine tea note is unmistakable. Acidity pops out on top, citric like lemonade, without the puckering aspect of a Kenyan coffee. It finishes beautifully with notes of Assam tea and even a light dusting of cocoa powder in roasts beyond City+. Another aspect that stands out about this Guatemala Gesha, is body. We taste some pretty fantastic wet processed Geshas from Panama and Colombia each year, and I have to say, this particular lot from Guatemala stands out in weight. I unfortunately stopped my "dark" roast of this coffee just shy of Full City, but still gave it a run through our espresso machine to get a glimpse of what this Gesha is capable of. Wow! The acidity at this level is a bit shocking but then moves into an incredible flavor of fruited dark chocolate - like fresh squeezed lemon floated on dark chocolate syrup. Tart fleshy fruit flavor are prominent, and a star jasmine note rings out in the finish.

June 2016 Arrival



Lot Size

40 x 46 KG Bags

Roast Recommendations

Potent florals at City to City+; Full City roasts are juicy, cocoa roast tones, and still bright.


Wet Process



Grade & Appearance

SHB EP; .4 d/300gr, 17-18 Screen - large bean size means some pulper knicking during processing


Shipped to us in GrainPro
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This coffee has sold out. The review is provided for reference purposes only.

Large Gesha cherry

Clumps of Gesha varietal

Flowering Gesha shrub at the farm



#1 Cupping Score

I'm noticing that the cupping scores are different for this coffee on Shrub and Sweetmarias. Are they different lots?

#2 Cupping Score

Hey, thanks for your inquiry. These are actually the same coffee. It looks like the graph on Sweet Maria's needs updating, and we're handling that now.

Thanks for the heads up!


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