Espresso Workshop #41 -Afiliate Romano

Espresso Workshop #41 -Afiliate Romano

Farm Description

What the heck does "Afiliate Romano" mean anyway? To us it means intense bittersweetness, puckering lemon brightness, and an incredibly viscous brew. Ironically the name refers to something quite the opposite, the "Café Romano", which I faithfully consumed in Seattle coffee houses during the 1990s. Espresso meant scorched beans, always served with sugar on the side, and with the Romano respite in the form of a shaved lemon peel to cut through the rather bittering brew. While quite the opposite of our Afiliate Romano blend, the lemon zest aspect is a flavor I pick up on in high volume; an affiliated flavor memory of sorts. This three-bean blend is made up of mechanically washed Costa Rica, wet processed Rwanda, and a small amount of dry process Ethiopia. All three coffees are excellent body and sweetness components on their own, and each adds their own unique flavor elements to the overall cup profile. The Costa Rica and Rwanda we've chosen proved to be quite chocolatey when roasted dark, retaining near effervescent acidity. Sweetness runs high in both, and so we settled on the pairing to provide our blend base in 80%. Dry process Ethiopians can be quite wild, and this one's no exception. We're only sprinkling in a small amount here, enough to give subtle fruited allusions, while maximizing overall body and sweetness.

Cupping Notes

Afiliate Romano will appeal to those who enjoy espresso with an acidic kick, bright lemon tartness highlighting a long lasting bittersweetness. Light roasting is not advised, as it isn't until Full City where the necessary bittersweet cocoa flavors are developed to a balancing level when juxtaposed by a near-puckering flavor and effect akin to fresh squeezed lemon. Full City roasts are brimming with bittersweet cocoa tones, the cup front-loaded with flavors of high % cacao bar, baker's cocoa, roasted nibs, and more. The aroma has elements of semi-sweet chocolate syrup swirled into a fragrant lemon curd, a subtle anise seed accent sensed when exhaling, and Dutch cocoa powder in the aftertaste. Mouthfeel is extremely viscous, ristretto shots seemingly impossible to dispel from your palate without the assistance of water. Bittersweetness is so intense at Roasted Coffee Pictorial Guide. ">Full City+, but does little to tame a citrus juice zing, in my opinion the literal bright spot of this blend. Though all three coffees are different processing methods, I found it fairly easy to roast with Full City as my starting point. In our sample roaster this equates to a smooth bean surface relatively free of mottling, even dark brown coloring, and without any oils at the surface - roughly 3 1/2 minutes beyond the start of first cracks. Our second roast was almost a full minute beyond this point, achieving a few 2nd snaps in the cooling tray, and minimal oil on the surface the following day.



Lot Size


Roast Recommendations

Full City is the starting point, on up to Full City+


Other (see review)


Bourbon     Catuai     Caturra     Heirloom Varietals    

Grade & Appearance

Top Grades; .6 d/300gr, 15+ screen


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Workshop #41 -Afiliate Romana


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