El Salvador Finca Matalapa

El Salvador Finca Matalapa

Farm Description

Finca Matalapa is a classic estate coffee, long before there were mini-mills and micro-lots. It has a complete independent mill to service the farm, from the tree through wet-processing, patio drying, hulling and preparation, to loading the coffee in jute bags and packing the shipping container. The mill is filled with fantastic, classic coffee equipment painted in bold colors. And it's the passion of the owner, Vickie Ann Dalton de Diaz, and the mechanical love of the archaic mill equipment that keeps the mill running and the coffee tasting so wonderful! Finca Matalapa is in the Libertad area, not far from the capital of San Salvador, on a west-facing slop ranging from 1200 meters up to the ridge top at 1350 meters. It's a 4th generation coffee estate totaling 120 hectares and was founded in the late 1800's by Fidelia Lima, great grandmother of the Vickie. She maintains 14 acres of virgin tropical forest and keeps her coffee plants shaded with over forty varieties of larger trees. The cup has the character we long to find in El Salvador Bourbon-type coffees, though because of the strong winds in the area they find the native Salvador Pacas varietal to fare better in this region. Pacas is a natural mutation of the Bourbon varietal.

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Cupping Notes

Matalapa is a versatile coffee, that accepts a wide range of roast treatments. It has classic balance and sweet accent notes that can be coaxed into the cup, based on degree of roast. The dry fragrance has sweet nuts in the light roast, almost like praline and some soft floral notes at City+, and a syrupy molasses sweetness at FC roast. The cup is very approachable, and you can seek out some sweet, mild citrus in the wet aroma, with syrupy malt sweetness (C+ roast). The cup has a buttery body, laced with slight floral and citrus accents. As it cools my lighter roasts (City+) became more and more bright and dynamic. I preferred this roast level for brewed coffee; the finish is high-toned and sweet. But this coffee works with a huge range of roasts and Full City roasts produce a great bittersweet, full-bodied cup (ideal as part of an espresso blend, an SO espresso, or as French Press type coffee). Really balanced, classic coffees like this might have very even numerical scores across the board, and not break into 87+ scoring, but they are the kind of coffee you want to drink every morning!

Chris Schooley adds: Layered, folded over itself. Very round in the front with an open/clean and bright finish.Lots of toffee in the maltiness. Opens up with orange blossom notes as cools.



Roast Recommendations

Overall, this is a extremely versatile coffee that can take a very wide range of roasts. From a light City roast with a tapered, slow finish, to a dark Full City + or Vienna, this coffee can take the heat.


Wet Process


Bourbon     Pacas    

Grade & Appearance

.2 defect per 300 grams, 17-18 screen; beautiful preparation and wonderful aroma from the green coffee.


Shipped in GrainPro, vacuum packed at our warehouse
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A twilight photo of the Finca Matalapa sign at the wet mill

Roberto, the mill manager, and Vickie, the farm owner

One of our mill-separated lots, resting in parchment at Beneficio Paraiso

Foggy view of Finca Matalapa with native shade trees

Antique coffee milling equipment at Beneficio Paraiso

Vickie Dalton de Diaz with the Finca Matalapa coffee bag.

Antique coffee milling equipment at Beneficio Paraiso

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