Burundi Kayanza Yandaro Station

Burundi Kayanza Yandaro Station

Farm Description

Yandaro Station is a coffee cherry collection site located in Kayanza, Burundi's northern province that borders neighboring Rwanda. The station itself is in the Kabarore Commune, which it serves, but also is a central coffee cherry delivery site for 22 of the surrounding villages. Farmers grow mostly older bourbon types, the original coffee cultivar introduced to the area in the 1930s by Catholic monks traveling from the island of Reunion. Yandaro sits at just under 1800 meters above sea level, and many of the farmers have coffee planted much higher than this. Yandaro was built in the mid 1980s, a time when the World Bank was investing heavily in Burundi's coffee sector, building out washing stations like Yandaro to serve the surrounding coffee communities. More recently they've come under the direction of a Burundi coffee investment group who are able to offer Yandaro, and several other Kayanza stations (Kibingo is another), agronomical assistance to station members, regular maintenance of washing station equipment and drying beds, and management teams who follow the coffee deliveries from cherry selection, to keeping lots separated by quality tiers. Since partnering with this group, several of the stations have seen top placement in Burundi coffee competitions, including Yandaro placing 7th and 19th in the last two Burundi Cup of Excellence competitions.

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Cupping Notes

The dry fragrance of Yandaro at City roast level shows unrefined sugar sweetness of demurara and palm sugar, with dark vanilla bean and subtle tea-like accents. I roasted this coffee to three different roast levels, and with a shade more development a sweet dried cherry note is noticeable. Pouring hot water brings out more of the sucanat/turbinado raw sugar smells, and with a candy ginger accent, presents a ginger snap cookie aroma. The cup of City and City+ roasts are lightly fruited, cherry flesh and the fruit skin, an orange pulp note, and add a nice contrast to the dominant, underlying sugar browning sweetness. Caramel sweetness flourishes at a wide roast spectrum, and brewing a City+ roast through a filter cone, you're presented with a wide range of molasses sugar flavor notes as the cup cools in temperature. Fruited accents are understated but leave a lasting impression as you move through the cup, yellow cherry, satsuma orange, and a floral Meyer lemon note. Acidity is best at City and City+ roasts, a citric vibrance bringing structure to the cup, as well as having a mouth cleansing effect in the finish. At Full City sweetness has is more molasses-toned, with bittersweet dark chocolate flavor providing a nice counter balance, and a dried blueberry note accenting the finish. Full City roasts will work great for espresso too, a distilled citric snap up front that gives way to syrupy chocolate flavors that fill out the middle and finish.

December 2017 Arrival



Lot Size

50 x 60 kg bags

Roast Recommendations

City to Full City - brightest cups at City/City+, and Full City is a good roast option for those looking to capitalize on chocolate roast tone or roasting for espresso


Wet Process



Grade & Appearance

A1; .2 d/300gr, 15+ screen


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Freshly depulped coffee ready for washing before being laid out to dry

Nursery with newly sprouted coffee plants, Kayanza

Mature bourbon shrub in full production, Kayanza


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