Indonesian Fundamentals: Approaches to Roasting Indonesian Coffees and a Look at Rustic Sweetness

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I've been thinking about roasting. I've been thinking about coffees that take a little more work in the roaster - coffees that many of the coffee folk these days who are more interested in brighter and more acidic coffees frequently dismiss

By Christopher Schooley

Hulled and dried, ready for density sortingHulled and dried, ready for density sorting

The most unconventional Indonesia coffee....

If you want to make an unconventional Central America coffee, you might dry-process it on African beds and get a fruity weird cup. But if you want to do something really wild with an Indonesian coffee, known as the dirtball flavor profile of the coffee word, well... do a Central Amercia style wet-process and make it bright, clean, lively, sweet. That would describe Sulawesi Toarco Wet-Process Peaberry.