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Fundmentals: Roasting Dry Processed Coffees

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Roasting Dry Processed coffees has a lot to do with managing the First Crack. You can roast to really bring out the berry, or try to promote the dark cocoa notes, or you could roast for both!
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by Christopher Schooley, photos by Thompson Owen and Christopher Schooley

Coffee Cherry Drying on Patio at Fazenda Recreio in the Vale da Grama regionCoffee Cherry Drying on Patio at Fazenda Recreio in the Vale da Grama region

Roasting Dry Processed Coffees

Cuptoberfest on video! Now you can live it too!

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We made a video of our Cuptoberfest cupping and conversation around the effects of different roast styles

This past October we hosted a cupping at the Sweet Maria's compound in West Oakland that was attended by roasters from all over the Bay area. Participants brought some of their own coffees to cup and discuss, but we started the festivities with a cupping and discussion of some roasts that we had produced for the event demonstrating stretching out the roast and some different examples of roast development.

The coffee we used was the Guatemala Alotenango

Indonesian Fundamentals: Approaches to Roasting Indonesian Coffees and a Look at Rustic Sweetness

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I've been thinking about roasting. I've been thinking about coffees that take a little more work in the roaster - coffees that many of the coffee folk these days who are more interested in brighter and more acidic coffees frequently dismiss

By Christopher Schooley

Hulled and dried, ready for density sortingHulled and dried, ready for density sorting