Talking About Roasting: Mark Michaelson, Onyx Coffee Lab

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Talking all about roasting with Mark Michaelson of Onyx Coffee Lab
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Double Diedrichs on a DimeDouble Diedrichs on a Dime

I was so excited to get a roast of the Ethiopia Deri Kochoha from Mark Michaelson of Onyx Coffee Labs in Fayetteville, Arkansas. It was a lovely roast of the coffee with so much of the honey sweetness paired with ginger and citrus that popped out in the brew. Mark reached out to me to ask how the coffee was, and so I turned it around on him and barraged him with questions about his approach to roasting.

Mark M: what did you think of it?

Quest Manufacturer's Instruction Manual

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This article contains the full instruction manual for the Quest M3.

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