Proyecto Xinabajul

Fundamentals: Roasting Guatemalas and Washed Central American Coffees

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Washed coffees from Guatemala and other Central American producing countries are in some ways the control batches, the roasts that give you the base knowledge and experience for how a coffee can or should roast.
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Roasting Washed Central American Coffees by Chris Schooley, Photos by Thompson Owen

Penagos Depulpers at ProvidenciaPenagos Depulpers at Providencia

Talking About Roasting: Amanda Daley, Fable Coffee

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We like talking with roasters about roasting. This time out I spoke with Amanda Daley of Fable Coffee in Nevada County, CA.

Amanda and the Fable(d) Diedrich IR7Amanda and the Fable(d) Diedrich IR7

A Look at Our 3 Decafs

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We've been delighted with the outcomes from the coffees we've sent to Swiss Water Process for decaffeination. Our current decafs are no exception and offer a range of possibilities.
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Antelope across the prairie, clearly unconcerned with caffeine contentAntelope across the prairie, clearly unconcerned with caffeine content

Each time we send off new coffees for decaffeination at the Swiss Water Process factory like antelope sprinting across the prairie, we're looking carefully through our coffees for great candidates and new possible blends. We have have a wonderful example of a decaf version of one of our Proyecto Xinabajul coffees as well as 2 new blended decafs which provide truly unique and remarkable decaf profiles.