Kenya Fundamentals

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Kenyan coffees are masterpieces. They're the total package. My favorite aspects of Ethiopian coffees are their floral aromatics and balance.

by Aleco Chigounis and Christopher Schooley, photos Thompson Owen


What goes into Producing Top Kenya Coffee Aleco Chigounis

Kenya in 50's and 100's + Colo Micro-lots

We launched our first offering from Kenya that will be available in both 50lb and 100lb Shrub bags. This coffee is the result of careful separation of ripeness levels which is such an important part of eliminating astringency. There were some really nice SO shots pulled with this coffee roasted at Roasted Coffee Pictorial Guide. ">FC+, with loads of brown sugar sweetness and spice notes, but the City+ roasts delivered layers and layers of complex fruitiness.

Kenya Nyeri AB Kagumo-ini


Komparing Kenya

This week I took the opportunity to take a closer look at the 2 offerings from Kenya that are up on the Shrub right now:

Kenya Nyeri AB Gatomboya -


Kenya Nyeri Gaturiri Peaberry -