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Robbie sent me a couple of different roasts of the Ethiopia Teklu Chele'lektu that we had up, so I wanted to ask him a couple questions about their approach to roasting
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Robbie and EstherRobbie and Esther

Ethiopia Madness…and MANY more to come!

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Aricha is on it's way out, but don't sweat it, there's more than enough coffee to go around. Just see what we're adding next week!
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Yes, that's correct, we have more Ethiopia coffee hitting the list very soon - like next week "very soon". While we're more than thrilled we've sold 7500 LBS of our 10000 LB lot of dry process Aricha, we want to make sure people know that there are other really fantastic lots of coffee that will be added over the coming weeks. For Ethiopia, we have a dry-process Sidama lot from Konga station hitting the site middle of next week that has our excitement on par with that of the Aricha we're currently running out of.

A Look at Our 3 Decafs

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We've been delighted with the outcomes from the coffees we've sent to Swiss Water Process for decaffeination. Our current decafs are no exception and offer a range of possibilities.
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Antelope across the prairie, clearly unconcerned with caffeine contentAntelope across the prairie, clearly unconcerned with caffeine content

Each time we send off new coffees for decaffeination at the Swiss Water Process factory like antelope sprinting across the prairie, we're looking carefully through our coffees for great candidates and new possible blends. We have have a wonderful example of a decaf version of one of our Proyecto Xinabajul coffees as well as 2 new blended decafs which provide truly unique and remarkable decaf profiles.

Ethiopia Fundamentals

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Chris and I discussed top Kenyan coffees in our last article in this series, their brilliance and using them in these winter months to liven up your menus. This week we'll talk Ethiopia.

by Aleco Chigounis and Christopher Schooley, photos Aleco Chigounis

Drying parchment on raised beds: undefinedDrying parchment on raised beds: undefined

What Goes Into Producing Top Ethiopian Coffees Aleco Chicounis


Shakiso is one of the lesser heralded regions in Ethiopia. Areas like Yirgacheffe, Sidamo, Harrar, etc are much more talked about but not necessarily better when it comes down to the brass tax of cup quality.


The Great Dry Process Drought

As you might have noticed, we just sold out of our last dry process Ethiopia. Since we use DP coffees in many of our blends, that also means that a those blends are out of stock for the moment. We hope to have another DP Ethiopia in soon, but in the meantime we might recommend our dry-process Yemen if you're looking for a wild African coffee.