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3 Roasts: Costa Rica Hernan Solis Villa Sarchi

This will be a regular feature in which I'll take one of our offerings, roast it 3 ways, cup it and taste it, and maybe share it with a couple other folks to see what they think of it.

The Coffee: Costa Rica Hernan Solis Villa Sarchi:
The Roasts City, City+, Full City

Bull's Blood: Bringing Sulawesi closer to Costa Rica

Bull's blood and Sulawesi, oddly, are related in my mind. I will be in Sulawesi in July and, rather unpleasantly, bulls blood is exactly what they spill at the funeral season (July-August) in Toraja. I'll explain the relevance ... really, I will ... I have been working on two new additions over the last few days and they are finally activated today (trying to get this done before the US>UK world cup game!) The Sulawesi AA Toarco replaces the Peaberry lot, and has a different flavor profile.