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Controlling Quality: Sample Roasting

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by Dan Wood

1950s Probat B3 - Capable of consistency, this one sees daily use1950s Probat B3 - Capable of consistency, this one sees daily use

Cupvemberfest 2014 - Blend Intentions

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For some of us, blending coffee is a regular part of our production schedule. Whether blending for espresso, drip or full immersion it calls for some thought and strategy. It can be a challenge to use coffees that are available in stock, choose new ones, and decide how to showcase them in a blend. What do we do when coffees are no longer available for the blends that we want to produce? Should we pre-blend or post-blend? Can this blend also work for espresso? It comes down to what our intentions are with the blend and if we can succeed in fulfilling those intentions.

Cleaning Out the Squirrel Cage

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The squirrel cage is not really a cage for putting squirrels in, but acts as a industrial strength fan blade that draws the airflow through your roaster.
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I am one that does't typically believe everything I hear. Even if the roaster is making some crazy sounds and I think I might know what is going on, it never hurts to have someone else lend an ear. In this case, I came close to spending cash on a motor when in fact it only needed to be inspected closely. A high pitched squeal accompanied by a serious repetitive knocking sound was coming from the motor on the L12. My first reaction was to replace the motor and be done with it.

Shrubs straight from KCMO

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We said farewell to a few pallets of coffee. Well, sort of. They are still ours...but in a different warehouse. And they can be yours. We promise to explain if you keep reading.
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Hey there shrub folks. In an attempt to shorten shipping times as well as shrink shipping rates throughout the midwest as well as to the East Coast, we will beginning shipping select coffees out of the Paris Brothers warehouse in Kansas City, MO. We're very thrilled to be able to improve our ability to get these coffees into roasters all over, and to make them more accessible for all the roasters big and small in the heartland and beyond.

Ethiopia Madness…and MANY more to come!

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Aricha is on it's way out, but don't sweat it, there's more than enough coffee to go around. Just see what we're adding next week!
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Yes, that's correct, we have more Ethiopia coffee hitting the list very soon - like next week "very soon". While we're more than thrilled we've sold 7500 LBS of our 10000 LB lot of dry process Aricha, we want to make sure people know that there are other really fantastic lots of coffee that will be added over the coming weeks. For Ethiopia, we have a dry-process Sidama lot from Konga station hitting the site middle of next week that has our excitement on par with that of the Aricha we're currently running out of.

Coffee Shrub's recent visit to Food Craft Institute in Oakland

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We had the pleasure of taking part in Food Craft Institute's multipart series on coffee entrepreneurship.
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Amanda at the FCI in OaklandAmanda at the FCI in Oakland

Last Saturday, March 8th, Sweet Maria's/Coffee Shrub taught a class in the Food Craft Institute’s Coffee Bar 101 course series. The students were all in the beginning stages of opening cafes and/or roasteries. They had spent previous weeks learning about different business aspects like financing and business training, as well as understanding the different stages of the roast process.

Northbound Through the Andes. Again.

OK, so I'm finally back in the Bay after two intense weeks trekking through the Peruvian and Colombian Andes. This particular trip was non-stop from start to finish with many a flight and long car ride filling big chunks of virtually every day. After arriving in Lima late my first night, we woke up the following morning and sped off across the Peruvian Altiplano to Chanchamayo for the coffee and cacao conference where I was to present a lecture to cooperative based farmers from across the country.


Komparing Kenya

This week I took the opportunity to take a closer look at the 2 offerings from Kenya that are up on the Shrub right now:

Kenya Nyeri AB Gatomboya -


Kenya Nyeri Gaturiri Peaberry -


Totally Stretched Out

I wanted to share the Stretchin' Out the Roast series with the Shrub crowd here and see if we could get some discussion going on these topics. One question that I have left after all these experiments and tastings is whether there is a difference to be found in the cup between stretching out the drying stage and stretching out the time before 1st Crack after the Malliard Reaction has started. I'm looking at doing a part 4, but if the findings are inconclusive I'll probably just note that in the comments of Part 3.