Rwanda + Burundi Fundamentals

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Rwanda has one of the most interesting East African coffee histories. It is a place where the production of high-quality coffee is inextricably linked to the rising spirit of a population after the tragic genocidal civil war of the 1990s.

By Thompson Owen and Christopher Schooley, Photos By Thompson Owen

Raised Drying Beds, BurundiRaised Drying Beds, Burundi

What Goes Into Producing Top Rwandan Coffees Thompson Owen

Fall Offerings

Tom and I have been on the run all summer long between Rwanda, Burundi, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia aaand Indonesia! We're excited about the work we've put in and the the beautiful coffees we have coming through the pipeline. We're expecting our first arrivals from Narino, Cauca and Rwanda in the coming weeks so stay tuned into the website. These coffees are some of the finest we've collectively bought from either origin.