Cupvemberfest 2014 - Blend Intentions

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For some of us, blending coffee is a regular part of our production schedule. Whether blending for espresso, drip or full immersion it calls for some thought and strategy. It can be a challenge to use coffees that are available in stock, choose new ones, and decide how to showcase them in a blend. What do we do when coffees are no longer available for the blends that we want to produce? Should we pre-blend or post-blend? Can this blend also work for espresso? It comes down to what our intentions are with the blend and if we can succeed in fulfilling those intentions.

Talking the roaster talk, walking the roaster walk - Justin Carabello, Carabello Coffee

Justin Carabello from Carabello Coffee in the Cincinnati area answered the call to talk about roasting, sending me a number of different shrub coffees roasted on his Primo 5K, including the Corazon Del Robot blend and a blend of his own using some shrub coffees which I was stoked to see. I love single origin coffees, but as you may have read in my Make Friends with Blends post - - I feel like the art of blending is something that has really been overlooked lately.


Make Friends with Blends

In light of the release of Shrub Espresso #1, I wanted to talk a bit about blends. It's been heartening to see more and more people sharing the components of their espresso blends either on the grinders or on some sort of signage, it speaks to the idea that you can still be transparent with your coffees and still promote them individually even in the context of a blend.

The Great Dry Process Drought

As you might have noticed, we just sold out of our last dry process Ethiopia. Since we use DP coffees in many of our blends, that also means that a those blends are out of stock for the moment. We hope to have another DP Ethiopia in soon, but in the meantime we might recommend our dry-process Yemen if you're looking for a wild African coffee.


At Shrub, we're obviously focused on our single-origin offerings. But, we do offer most of the blends available at Sweet Maria's, and today we're putting up two of the Sweet Maria's Espresso Workshop blends: Espresso Profundo and Tono Alto. Most of you are probably more inclined to develop blends on your own, but if you're looking for a new espresso blend, check these out!