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Let us talk about the roasting - Keith Hamrick, Northbound Coffee Roasters - updated

Keith Hamrick was one of the first roasters I met when I started my coffee roasting career, I've been talking to him about roasting for more than a decade. The track to finally opening Northbound Coffee Roasters just over a year ago was arduous at times, but I was so very happy when Keith and Jen Lovrak got that train up and running. I always been super stoked when they've picked up Shrub coffees, and they've knocked some roasts of the Ethiopia Guji Shakisso out of the park.

Talking the roaster talk, walking the roaster walk - Justin Carabello, Carabello Coffee

Justin Carabello from Carabello Coffee in the Cincinnati area answered the call to talk about roasting, sending me a number of different shrub coffees roasted on his Primo 5K, including the Corazon Del Robot blend and a blend of his own using some shrub coffees which I was stoked to see. I love single origin coffees, but as you may have read in my Make Friends with Blends post - - I feel like the art of blending is something that has really been overlooked lately.


Talk to me about it, roasting: Wade Windsor - Lord Windsor Coffee Roasters

Lots of honey sweetness on the dry fragrance, round cherry like acidity, super clean and not showing any signs of age/paper, round mouthfeel with clarity throughout the cup. Little more caramel and chocolate as it cools. I felt that you really nailed the roast. There's a nice balanced brightness but you really pushed the sweetness of this coffee with the roast development.

I like to talk about roasting - Michael Marinelli, Orazure Coffee Roasters

Michael Marinelli had posted some questions about nailing a profile down with the Kenya Gatomboya AB that we had up on shrub just a little bit ago. After we traded some comments and emails here and there, Michael sent me a sample from a batch he had roasted according to some of the profile conclusions we had reached. Along with the coffee he sent a copy of the roast log that he was keeping. I was quite impressed with his roast profiling and the cup was really nice, showcasing the super creamy body that that coffee could have.

I like to talk about roasting - Jessica Cole, Elysian Coffee

When we started shrub one of our big ideas was that it wasn't just about getting these coffees out there but that we really wanted to have discussions about the coffees we put together with other passionate roasters. It's been great to get comments on the coffees from folks, please keep them coming, but another way we've thought about getting some conversations going about the coffees is to directly engage with some roasters and talk to them about their experiences with this or that lot.


I was just up at the Barista Camp in Santa Barbara this week and was stoked to have so many great conversations about tasting coffee. I took part in the Intro to Cupping class as well as helped out in the Organic Acids class and with Katie Carguilo's lecture on coffee processing. The thing that's been at the front of my mind for some time, and which really stood out to me again in taking part in all of these cuppings and conversations is the idea of sweetness in coffee. I've talked about it here and there on this blog and even wrote a bit about a specific kind of sweetness.


3 Roasts: Costa Rica Hernan Solis Villa Sarchi

This will be a regular feature in which I'll take one of our offerings, roast it 3 ways, cup it and taste it, and maybe share it with a couple other folks to see what they think of it.

The Coffee: Costa Rica Hernan Solis Villa Sarchi:
The Roasts City, City+, Full City