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On the Horizon


Just a quick heads up to let you all know that we have some beautiful, fresh coffees both clearing now in the Bay and afloat just behind them.


Early Season Guatemalan Coffees

The spring can be a dead zone for many a coffee menu and most glaringly so for Latin American offerings. Last year's Centrals are undeniably past crop by now. South Americans, with the exception of the December harvested Colombians, are ready to be replaced. Fresh crop Centrals are going afloat but very few are available so early in the spring.


Offer Great Decaf

Greetings from Colombia Folks,

Between pit stops in Narino and Cauca I've found some time to chime in about the deliciously fresh new decaf offerings we've just recently released. Decaffeinated coffees are the easiest to neglect on your menu. They're the easiest to look the other way from and add yet another tired, less than beautiful, offering that hasn't had much thought put into it. Raise your hand if you've been guilty at times in the past. I had been not so long ago.

Northbound Through the Andes. Again.

OK, so I'm finally back in the Bay after two intense weeks trekking through the Peruvian and Colombian Andes. This particular trip was non-stop from start to finish with many a flight and long car ride filling big chunks of virtually every day. After arriving in Lima late my first night, we woke up the following morning and sped off across the Peruvian Altiplano to Chanchamayo for the coffee and cacao conference where I was to present a lecture to cooperative based farmers from across the country.



Shakiso is one of the lesser heralded regions in Ethiopia. Areas like Yirgacheffe, Sidamo, Harrar, etc are much more talked about but not necessarily better when it comes down to the brass tax of cup quality.


Fall Offerings

Tom and I have been on the run all summer long between Rwanda, Burundi, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia aaand Indonesia! We're excited about the work we've put in and the the beautiful coffees we have coming through the pipeline. We're expecting our first arrivals from Narino, Cauca and Rwanda in the coming weeks so stay tuned into the website. These coffees are some of the finest we've collectively bought from either origin.

South American Harvest

It's mid-May which means that virtually all I can think about is the South American harvest. Some of my favorite coffees come from the summer season which offers a such an interesting and broad spectrum of flavors. In my opinion top lots from Southern Colombia are unmatched in Latin American in terms of their sweetness and complexity. Ecuador and Bolivia offer us tremendous balance with their supple mouth feel and elegant acidity.

Harvest & Offering Outlook: Spring 2012

So I am fresh off my 2nd origin trip with Coffee Shrub which took me to El Salvador, Guatemala and Panama. Although I'm hoping to focus my efforts on some of the lesser traveled, more-difficult-to-source producing countries i.e. Peru, Ecuador, Burundi, Uganda, etc I also wanted to make sure that our arsenal includes some of the finer Central American coffees come spring/summer.