SALE - Sonofresco Profile Roaster - Two Pound Capacity

SALE - Sonofresco Profile Roaster - Two Pound Capacity

We used this machine as a test model about 6 times while deciding if we were going to carry Sonofrescos. We really like it but it's starting to get a little dusty, so we decided to discount the price and find it a nice home. It's in prefect working order...we just don't have any use for it. Here's the catch...the roaster is available for an in-person sale only. This means you will need to visit to our warehouse in Oakland, CA to purchase it.

We'll include the barely used propane tank and hose needed to get you started.  We can fire it up for you to show you that it works but due to time constraints, we can't allow you to test it here at the warehouse. You will be responsible for transporting from our warehouse.

Please email with any questions or to schedule a time to take a look at it before committing.

- Sonfresco Profile Coffee Roaster

- 2 pound capacity

- Color: Black

- 13.25×20.5×28.75in

- Sale price: $3400