Kenya in 50's and 100's + Colo Micro-lots

Kenya in 50's and 100's + Colo Micro-lots

We launched our first offering from Kenya that will be available in both 50lb and 100lb Shrub bags. This coffee is the result of careful separation of ripeness levels which is such an important part of eliminating astringency. There were some really nice SO shots pulled with this coffee roasted at Roasted Coffee Pictorial Guide. ">FC+, with loads of brown sugar sweetness and spice notes, but the City+ roasts delivered layers and layers of complex fruitiness.

Kenya Nyeri AB Kagumo-ini

We also launched 3 new micro-lot offerings from Colombia. We can't say enough about how much we've enjoyed these very complete coffees. Perfectly balanced, shimmering and vivid and sweet all day long. Have yet to serve on of these coffees to someone and not have their eyes grow twice their size.

Colombia Pedregal Misael Hurtado Microlot -

Colombia Agua Blanca Libardo Ossa Microlot -

Colombia San Antonio Lorenzo Mosquera Microlot -