3 Roasts: Costa Rica Hernan Solis Villa Sarchi

3 Roasts: Costa Rica Hernan Solis Villa Sarchi

This will be a regular feature in which I'll take one of our offerings, roast it 3 ways, cup it and taste it, and maybe share it with a couple other folks to see what they think of it.

The Coffee: Costa Rica Hernan Solis Villa Sarchi: http://coffeeshrub.com/shrub/coffee/costa-rica-hernan-solis-villa-sarchi
The Roasts City, City+, Full City

This Costa Rica from the Naranjo region is produced by Hernan Solis and is a single variety, the Villa Sarchi grown at a range of 1600-1700 meters. This coffee is milled at the farmer owned Helsar mill which has a solid track record with giving the proper care and attention to well grown coffees. This coffee was one of my favorite Central American offerings this year, a sweet and balanced cup with slight floral notes and juicy apricot. Right away I new that this coffee could take a range of roasts.

City - The dry fragrance is bright and crisp, just a tad limey. The citric and malic acidity really are the focus in this roast, but there is a honey sweetness in the middle of the cup. This is a pleasant cup and makes a nice pour over brew, but you can tell that there's so much more that this coffee has to offer.

City+ - The most muted dry fragrance of the 3, but already noticeably sweeter. The citric brightness is more berry-like but gives way to stone fruit as the cup cools. The real standout at City + is a much creamier mouthfeel which just gives the sweetness that much more room to linger through the finish. More fruited, sweeter, and creamier mouthfeel push this roast past the City easily. Don't be afraid to develop your coffee. Aeropress of this coffee showed a lot of the apricot with a brown sugar finish.

Full City - With that being said, I have to say that I was very impressed with how well this coffee held the roast. There was a bit of sweet roasted notes in the dry fragrance which made me nervous that it might overwhelm the cup, but the maple on the break reassured me. The cup is loaded with complex sugars like maple and toffee and cocoa and tootsie roll. The mouthfeel is syrupy and as the cup cools there is plenty fruit, like a black cherry reduction. This coffee never lost what was interesting about it to the roast, and brewing through the clever dripper produced a really wonderfully complete cup. This was the roast I went back to the most over the course of the week.