Coffee Shrub

Coffee is a multi-stemmed, gangly, awkward, diminutive shrub. Coffee Shrub is dimunitive too; a micro-seller of coffee serving shops that roast. We sell green coffee in batches that equal roughly a bit less than 1/2 or 3/4 of a traditional jute bag packaged in Grain-Pro lined bags, at either 50lbs. or 100lbs. You have the convenience of thorough, descriptive reviews as a starting point for your own tasting notes and also relevant information about the farms, including images that you can use to promote the coffee. Look over our coffees and see if any of these offerings would complement your current list.

Recent Coffee Additions

Honey, raw sugar, fruited accents, pulpy citrus, chocolate liqueur
Dark brown sugar, maple candy, apple and pear, almond fruit roll
Unrefined sugars, cooked papaya, dark cocoa, weighty body, incredibly versatile
Pumpkin spice aroma, brown sugar, citrus accent, cacao, rye grain
Muscovado sugar, Dutch drinking cocoa, barley malt, dried cherry and raisin


Branches filled to what seems like the limit, with green cherry for the upcoming harvest; Urrao, Colombia In relation to other coffee-producing origins, Colombia stands out in that coffee is being harvested practically year-round. Most other...

Pulling Espresso on the Rocket Giotto Evoluzione After a busy workweek, I can't think of a better way to spend Friday afternoon than assessing two single-origin espresso favorites: Guatemala Huehuetenango Familia Morales Lote 3, and Ethiopa Organic...

We just started selling Sonofresco roasters and are pretty excited. We had the option of selling them on Sweet Maria's but thought Coffee Shrub would be a better home since they are a big step up from your average home roasting appliance (and a...

If you're looking to fill that special spot on your menu reserved for coffees of the "Grand Cru" variety, we've put together this short list of stunners to help you make your selection. At some point our green coffee list will show coffee scores...

  The holiday fruit cake has a reputation for not actually being eaten. I'm sure there are 'good' ones, but the vast majority with that dense, dry texture and large chewy fruit-candy chunks, change hands several times and are finally relegated...

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ali shan posted in Colombia Valle de Pavón -Los Palomos on 05/06/16
You yourself will say after looking the quality in grass around you. Durrani Farm exports the Rhodes and Alfalfa Grasses to make your best experience. mango exporter(view)
Iyassu Isaac posted in About Vacuum Packaging on 04/29/16
I am interested in fresh roasted coffee tapes of packages and price list of each package. I am interested in a package which holds KG. I prefer one which has got a small square to see the contents of the roasted coffee or fresh coffee beans. Thank you very much iyassu Isaac(view)
Hey there, We actually have one 220v in stock to order if you are in Europe or Asia. -Amanda(view)
Hey Charles, The 220v Quest M3 is designed for European and Asian voltage so the plug won't work with a US 220v outlet. -Amanda(view)
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