Coffee Shrub

Coffee is a multi-stemmed, gangly, awkward, diminutive shrub. Coffee Shrub is dimunitive too; a micro-seller of coffee serving shops that roast. We sell green coffee in batches that equal roughly a bit less than 1/2 or 3/4 of a traditional jute bag packaged in Grain-Pro lined bags, at either 50lbs. or 100lbs. You have the convenience of thorough, descriptive reviews as a starting point for your own tasting notes and also relevant information about the farms, including images that you can use to promote the coffee. Look over our coffees and see if any of these offerings would complement your current list.

Recent Coffee Additions

Stone fruit, citrus, cherry, papaya, hibiscus, Earl Grey, rose hips, bodied
Citrus essence, peach, mango, fleshy fruits, stone fruit skins, brisk herbal teas
Blackberry, pear, grape jelly, raw honey, pineapple juice, sparkling acidity
Raw cane juice, panella sugar, plum, grape, bittersweet cocoa, acidity that lingers
Honey and brown sugar, apple, mulling spices, defined acidity, rich chocolate


Throwin' the Chain (10/08/14)
The back end of the roaster doesn't usually get the same amount of attention as the trier, bean temp thermocouples, cooling tray or chaff collector. Chains, belts, sprockets and grease aren't usually featured when we talk about the coffee we drink,...

1950s Probat B3 - Capable of consistency, this one sees daily use We are officially hitting the tail end of the busiest time of year for receiving samples in our cupping lab. It’s no secret that the bulk of our coffees come from Central America and...

Side by Side (09/24/14)
Danny recently roasted a washed and a dry processed coffee from the same washing station in Ethiopia and wrote a a post for the Sweet Maria's blog. After reading it, I was like, well shoot, I imagine that'd be pretty interesting to some shrub folks...

Double Diedrichs on a Dime I was so excited to get a roast of the Ethiopia Deri Kochoha from Mark Michaelson of Onyx Coffee Labs in Fayetteville, Arkansas. It was a lovely roast of the coffee with so much of the honey sweetness paired with ginger...

Can We Talk? (09/16/14)
AK on a Probatino at Roasters Guild Retreat This past July we hosted our Sweet Talking tasting up at the Four Barrel training space. There was a great turn out and it was incredible how open and enthusiastic all of the attendees were. Side...

Recent comments

judithgaskins posted in Throwin' the Chain on 10/20/14
i have not come across such engineering in the arena of coffee. I am rather feeling update instead of being glad! Thanks a lot! cabaret club review (view)
danny posted in Throwin' the Chain on 10/20/14
Hey there Andrew, Sorry for the delayed response. Thanks for the kind words and I'm glad that the maintenance blogs are helpful for you. I am not familiar with how the chain system works on a Diedrich, but the Probat L-12 I work with does not seem to have an adjustment to tighten the chain. There are a series of chains and a belt that work off of...(view)
ceschooley posted in The Quest M3 Coffee Roaster on 10/20/14
Hey Stephen, I actually think this is more similar to an IR12 Diedrich than anything else, but I ask think that you can get this to model roasts for any shop roaster, SF, Joper, Probat.(view)
stephenmentze posted in The Quest M3 Coffee Roaster on 10/13/14
I love the way this thing works, if I were looking for a production size roaster what would operate the same what would be the best fit? It seems like something probat or joper would be somewhat similar. any thoughts?(view)
Andrew The O posted in Throwin' the Chain on 10/09/14
Hey Danny, Loving your articles. I was wondering if you had tested the chain tension at some point? Obviously alignment is key, but we had this issue with an old Diedrich and it turned out that every so often (a year or two in our case) the tension needed to be adjusted in the same way that you would a motorcycle. Don't know if that applies here....(view)